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Enter your details below to register your new garage door for our 7 year exclusive warranty.

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1. Order Details

This information will help us identify the distributor and your order in the event of any future warranty claim.

This 6-digit order reference can be found on the back of your door.

2. Contact Details

So that we can contact you; please provide your contact details and the address at which your new door was installed.

Send us a photo of your new garage door and if you’re chosen to be featured in our next brochure we’ll give you a £50 high-street voucher.


Where can I find my order number?

Your order number will be written on the inside cover of the operating and maintenance document. It can also be found on the bottom slat of your new new door, next to the CE mark sticker. It will begin with the letters ORD.

What is my installation date?

The installation date is the date your door was physically installed at your premises

I have 2 doors, will I have to register twice?

If both your doors were fitted at the same time and carry the same order number then you will only need to submit a warranty registration once (both doors will be covered by the same warranty registration).

What makes a good photo?

  1. Avoid taking a photo of just the garage close up and aim to include as much of your full house as possible
  2. Remove any rubbish bins, debris and ensure the area is tidy

3. Feedback

Please provide some feedback about our product and the service you receieved.

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Your personal details will be held by the company and will only be used in conjunction with your warranty registration. If you opt-in to receive marketing emails we may contact you by email about other products and services. Please read our privacy policy for more information.